The 乐 (Le) Life

The Le (乐)Life 

Is a company that believes in the power of food to make people in a community happy. We focus on uniquely curated ranges of Sake, Japanese rice wine, for the  sophisticated palates, to be enjoyed either individually or  in groups to express appreciation and happiness. Our goal is to inspire people to live a happier and more fulfilling life through food, whether as a gift to show respect and friendship or fostering a sense of community and belonging, The Le (乐) Life has something for you.

Sake dates back to around 2500 year ago, where Sake production was initially a government monopoly until the 10th century, when temples and shrines started brewing their own. In the 17th century, Sake production became an industry, with thousands of breweries opening across Japan.

One of the feudal lord, Satake Yoshinobu moved to Akita, Japan and brought with him skilled Sake brewers and rice seems, and strongly encouraged the development of the Sake brewing industry, enriching the region and promoting the culture. Akita’s Sake production flourished in the 18th and 19th century, as climate, water and rice were ideal for making Sake. Known for its kimoto-zukuri method, a rich and complex Sake with longer shelf life was created.

Today, Akita’s Sake culture is vibrant and thriving in the 21st century, with more than 40 active sake breweries, some of which have been operating for over 300 years. Akita’s sake is recognised as one of the best in Japan, winning several awards and accolades.

Are you looking for traditional Japanese rice wine, not only known for its high-quality Sake production, but also a smooth and fine, with mellow and profound flavour; Using Akita style low-temperature, slow fermentation methods, taking advantage of the natural climate and characteristics of the region? If so, choose a company that offers a fine blend of traditional and new, interesting Sake brews, using various types of Sake rice, Akita Sake Komachi, Gin no Sei, Misato Nishiki, and Aki no Yume, with soft water from the mountains and rivers of Akita region.

Sake is a drink that reflects the beauty and diversity of nature, made from rice, water, and yeast, which are influenced by the climate, soil, and craftsmanship of each region. We hope that this inspires curiosity to discover and appreciate the different varieties and flavors of Sake, and to respect the environment and the people who make it.

The Le (乐)Life’s mission is to spread the joy of Sake to everyone and the communities, and inspire people to discover and appreciate this drink that is more than just a drink, it is a way of life.